La Fondation Iman
Conseil Consultatif
Ambassador Li Qingyu (Retd) (China)

Ambassador Li Qingyu is President of the Iman Foundation for China. He is a Member of the Council of the Association of Former Diplomats of China. He is a former Chinese Ambassador to Algeria, Syria and Tunisia.

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Ambassador Chinmaya Gharekhan (Retd) (India)

Ambassador Gharekhan has had a long and distinguished career in the Indian Foreign Service as well as in the United Nations as Under Secretary General and Senior Advisor to the Secretary General.

He was Chairman of International Commission for Supervision and Control in Laos and India’s Ambassador in Vietnam from 1973-76....

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Ambassador Dennis Ignatius (Retd) (Malaysia)

Dennis Ignatius, a career diplomat, spent 36 years in the Malaysian Foreign Service after a brief stint with the United States Peace Corps as cross-cultural coordinator.

He was assigned to London, Beijing and Washington, D.C. before being appointed ambassador to Chile and subsequently to Argentina and Canada (High Commissioner). He...

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The Hon. Professor Brahma Chellaney (India)

Professor Chellaney is an Asian geostrategist and widely regarded as one of India's leading strategic thinkers. He presently is a professor of strategic studies at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi; a fellow of the Nobel Institute in Oslo; a trustee of the National Book Trust; and an...

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The Hon. Maria Serkedjieva (Bulgaria)

Mrs. Maria Serkedjieva is Bulgaria's former Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Justice and European Legal Integration (1997- 2001), who was in charge of the European legal integration, international legal co-operation and harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation with the European acquis communautaire.

Mrs. Serkedjieva was a Head of the Bulgarian delegation to...

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