The Iman Foundation

Our Vision: Culture as the Gateway to Positive Relationships

Saturday, 12 December 2015
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Culture has increasingly become a foundation of diplomacy — an alternative diplomacy that should propagate the idea of a humanist civilization built on the freedom of expression and equal rights around the world.

Art, science, sport and other forms of cultural cooperation can strengthen relationships between different peoples, faiths, ethnic groups, and cultures.

The Iman Foundation is committed to the organization of events that promote mutual understanding and respect between different cultures.

It is ironic that in a globalized world characterised by the flow of international trade, we are witnessing the dwindling of international cultural diplomacy.

Never has there been more need for universal values to be shared across the world.  Which is why it is our duty to promote the voices of artists and citizens dedicated to sharing their work with people from other backgrounds and cultures.

IMAN is promoting this open exchange whilst establishing communication networks to facilitate the expansion of shared knowledge and diversity among peoples.

Our aim is to help build a cultural network through which collaborative vision of the world that can be said to be truly universal. A world not based on pressure, domination, or exclusive interests. One that can integrate and inspire.

Edouard Herriot was right when he said that “culture is that which remains with a man when he has forgotten all he learned.”

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