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Iman/ICD Cultures of Spain Conference discusses the Golden Age of Islam

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ms. Yasmin Allawi, Vice-Chairman of the Iman Foundation opened the the second the day of the Cultures of Spain Conference Palacio de Congreso de Cordoba with an informative speech on 'The Golden Age of Islam.'

It was followed with a speech by Iman Advisory board member, Rabbi Herschel Gluck, Chairman and Co-founder of the UK Muslim-Jewish Forum on the co-existence between the Muslims and Jews in Muslim Spain and the need for interfaith dialogue. The speech was well received and followed by a Q &A session.

The final lecture and discussion was by Ms. Virginia Palm, MA Student in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy, ICD Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies, on 'Music as Cultural Diplomacy; a Case Study: Palestinian and Israeli Children.'

The conference session was moderated by Dr. Goetz Kaufmann.

The conference was organised in partnership with the highly respected Berlin based Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and hosted by the Iman Foundation. It took place on 18, 19, 20 October 2012 in Granada, Cordoba and Seville respectively.

The conference gave the participants an insight into century’s tradition of multiculturalism and inter-faith dialogue within the Andalusia region of Spain as well as an opportunity to analyse concrete examples of cultural diplomacy in practice. In addition, the conference introduced participants to a network of like-minded individuals, and allowed them to explore the rich cultural landscape of Andalusia, Spain. Also participants visited historic sites including the Alhambra in Granada, the Great Cathedral and Mosque in Cordoba (Mezquita de Cordoba), the Alcazar palace in Seville, and the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) in Ronda.

The conference participants included MA Students in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy, at the ICD Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies, who come from Norway, Columbia, USA, South Korea, Ireland, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Morocco, Spain and Romania. Also some members of the Iman Foundation's Advisory Board participated.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The ICD´s ultimate goal is to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. Over the past decade the ICD has grown to become one of Europe’s largest independent cultural exchange organizations, hosting programs that facilitate interaction among individuals of all cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds, from across the world.

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